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Oregon Byways

The Beaver State

Oregon is located in the Pacific Northwest, at its boundaries are defined by two separate rivers: the Columbia River, and the Snake River. Those who grew up playing The Oregon Trail video game will find this state name familiar. The Oregon Trail, named for the end destination of what is now the state of Oregon, was a 2,170 mile (3,490 kilometers) wagon route that went from the Missouri River to Oregon. This trail was started by fur traders and trappers in the early 1800s and soon was used by around 400,000 settlers farmers miners ranchers and more to cross a majority of the United States by wagon. thankfully comma you don’t have to take the Oregon Trail today to make your way to this incredible state.

This may be surprising, but Oregon is the 9th largest US state and the 27th most populous. While the largest city within Oregon is Portland, its capital is Salem, not to be confused with the Salem of the Salem witch trials, which is found in Massachusetts. Oregon is a geographically diverse state, home to volcanoes, bodies of water with sandy beaches, dense evergreens and forest, as well as deserts and arid shrublands.

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Mount Hood is the state’s highest point at 11,249 feet (3,429 meters) and is a stratovolcano. Meanwhile, Crater Lake, found in the National Park by the same name, is the deepest lake in the United States. If that isn’t fascinating enough, Oregon is home to the largest Organism in the world, a fungus that runs beneath 2200 acres of Malheur National Forest. It’s not surprising that you will never be hard-pressed to find something to do when inside this state. Because of the various waterways and the incredible landscape that make up the state, the economy here relies on agricultural, fishing, timber, and hydroelectric power. However, this was not always the case, as Oregon used to be a hotbed for trappers and fur traders, who would make their way to the area to trap beaver, hence this state’s nickname as “The Beaver State.”

Whether you’re making your way to Oregon to experience part of American history, or are looking to take advantage of the beautiful landscapes, there are plenty of beautiful byways and highways that make their way across this state that will take you to some of the captivating geographical locations that can be found within. No matter if you’re looking to experience incredible Heights or are looking to take a nice vacation along one of the many rivers found within the state, you’re sure to never run out of things to do when you visit Oregon.