Scenic Byways In Missouri

a scenic road in the state of missouri

The Show-Me State

Missouri is in the Midwestern region of the United States and is the perfect state to visit while on a road trip, as it borders eight different states. This ties it with Tennessee for the most bordering states in the United States.

Interestingly enough, one of Missouri’s largest cities is Kansas City, followed by Springfield and Columbia. This state got its name from the Missouri River, which bisects this state and feeds into the Mississippi River.

People have been living in Missouri for 12,000 years, and archaeologists have found evidence of Mississippian culture including mounts and other cultural landmarks.

Mississippi was home to the Osage and Missouria nations before being colonized by the French. Like many of the states in the center of the United States, Missouri was acquired through the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and became a state in 1821.

Exploring Missouri By Road

Missouri is known for combining Midwestern and southern cultures, at his home to Saint Louis Blues, along with ragtime and Kansas City jazz. The state is also home to Kansas City-style barbecue, which is sure to make your mouth water no matter what your favorite taste profile.

For those whose exploration tastes stray more towards the natural world, Missouri has earned an unofficial nickname as “The Cave State,” thanks to over 7,300 recorded caves in this state.

As a little geographical factoid, the karst topography of this state helps with the formation of caves and in some cases sinkholes, as limestone is easily dissolved by water.

For those who don’t have as much of an interest in amateur geology, Missouri is home to several gorgeous scenic views, that span from the rolling hills and follow the northern Plains to show off some of the more gorgeous rivers found within the state. The byways near them make for wonderful scenic drives by truck, car, or motorcycle.

No matter if you find yourself traveling to Missouri to enjoy the barbeque, listen to some beautiful music, or explore some of the lesser-known caves found within the state, you are sure to find yourself showing off every aspect of the “Show Me” state once you return home.