Scenic Byways In Idaho

a scenic road in the state of idaho

The Gem State

We know, odds are you read “Idaho” and instantly thought of potatoes. In all honesty, this is a good association to have, as potatoes are a key agricultural export of this state.

However, Idaho has the nickname of the “Gem State,” which is about this state’s natural beauty. This comes as no surprise considering the United States Forest Service is in charge of 38% of Idaho’s land, ensuring that this state remains as beautiful as possible.

Exploring Idaho By Road

Idaho is home to several stretches of the Rocky Mountains, and interestingly enough is home to seven National Park Service sites, including Yellowstone National Park. Of course, you don’t have to take a visit to the parks to appreciate the beauty of this state, as countless byways take you along the mountain ranges, forests, and agricultural areas that make up this incredible state.

Of course, Idaho is also home to several Metropolitan areas, but most travelers are a bigger fan of this state’s untouched beauty. Thankfully, there are ways to explore much of it via hiking, biking, and atv trails.

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Humans have made their home in Idaho as far back as 14,500 years ago. Arrowhead excavated in 1959 in this area are among some of the oldest found in North America. The first Europeans to enter the area and spend a significant amount of time there were French Canadian trappers.

Interestingly enough, this state’s name poses a bit of a mystery. While George M. Willing proposed the name in the early 1860s, stating that it was a Native American term, he later noted that he had been inspired for the name after meeting a girl named Ida.

Whether or not this was the case is disputed, and the real origin of the name is largely unknown. still, the name Idaho stuck, as well as this state slogan, “Great Potatoes. Tasty Destinations.”

So no matter what brings you to the state, you’re sure to find yourself as in awe of the natural scenery as you will be the potatoes.