Scenic Byways In New Jersey

a scenic road in the state of new jersey

The Garden State

While the average American, or anyone who flies frequently, may associate New Jersey with Newark airport, we promise there is more to the state than just their air travel system.

Not surprisingly, New Jersey is the most densely populated of all of the United States.

Looking into this state’s history of being an important driving force behind the industrial revolution, as well as having a large push towards urbanization and suburbanization, it’s not surprising that this state can fit so many people within its borders.

However, don’t let the overwhelming urban sprawl of New Jersey make you think that there’s nothing natural to explore within this state.

Exploring New Jersey By Road

It doesn’t take much searching to learn about the beauty of the Jersey Shore, which has become a bit of a tourist location and has even had a TV show by the same name.

Those looking to enjoy the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean during the summer months can make their way to these gorgeous white sand beaches, and if you are looking for an area that is lighter on the tourists, you may make your way to Cape May, the subject of a catchy song by the same name.

There are also several gorgeous botanical gardens to explore in this state, as well as some state parks.

Of course, several rivers can be explored during your visit, as well as gorgeous walking trails that will have you forgetting all about the bustling urban sprawl of this incredible state.

During the colonial era, New Jersey was a part of the Dutch colony of New Netherland, but soon became part of English territory, and was named after the Channel Island of Jersey.

While New Jersey was one of the 13 colonies that took part in the American Revolutionary War, the New Jersey constitution of 1776 included a clause that stated but the constitution would become void if Great Britain and New Jersey reconciled.

Of course, this did not happen, and New Jersey became part of the new United States.

For those who are interested in the history of New Jersey, there are plenty of museums, historic walking trails, and more for you to explore when you visit this incredible state.

There are also excellent camping opportunities, if you are thinking of bringing an RV and staying for a while. And there are some nice easy cruises if you prefer to tour by motorcycle.

Whether you find yourself making your way to New Jersey to explore the iconic Jersey Shore or looking to take advantage of the urban sprawl of this incredible state, there are plenty of scenic byways to help you meander your way through this state while looking at all of the historic locations that helped make New Jersey what it is today.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about the early Industrial Revolution or are looking to just take in the sun on the beach, this state has plenty to offer anyone looking to spend some time within its borders.