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Wisconsin Byways

The Badge State

Wisconsin is located in the Midwestern United States and shares a border with Lake Michigan. This state has earned its title as “America’s Dairyland,” with a reputation for creating quality cheeses and dairy products that helped put this state on the map. Interestingly enough, the state is also famous for beer, manufacturing paper products, cranberries, ginseng, and tourism. this interesting mix shows you some of the diversity that comes from this interesting state. The name “Wisconsin” is an Anglicization of an Algonquin word. due to the spelling changes and the original meaning of the name becoming a bit more obscure, there is some debate over what Wisconsin means, but some theorize that it has to do with the red sandstone of the Wisconsin River.

The various changes that the name of the state went through are an indication of just how long people have been living in this area, with some historical artifacts dating back to 10,000 BCE. As with every other US state, Wisconsin was originally home to Native American tribes. The first Europeans to visit what would become Wisconsin was most likely French and was looking for a trade route. Wisconsin was part of the fur trade through the 17th and 18th centuries, but there were no permanent European settlements in the area before control pasta Great Britain. While Wisconsin became a US territory in 1783, it did not become a state until 1848. One of the major contributing factors to Wisconsin’s growth was the completion of the Erie Canal, which made traveling West much easier.

Today, those looking to visit Wisconsin can take advantage of everything from its natural scenery and its tourism offerings to exploring local farms and production facilities, as well as enjoy the gorgeous landscapes that make up this state. While Wisconsin is not necessarily a hiker’s paradise, there are plenty of walking trails and beautiful forests and farmland areas that make for a great day trip. There are also plenty of state parks that make for a great day trip, and those looking to go swimming in Lake Michigan will find themselves conveniently within driving distance. Of course, those looking to explore the urban areas of Wisconsin can learn more about the state’s incredible history at various museums, as well as visit any number of restaurants that use the incredible cheese produced within the state. No matter what brings you to Wisconsin, whether it be the beautiful forests or the delicious dairy products, you’re sure to find yourself culturing a deep appreciation for “America’s Dairyland.”

Byways In Wisconsin

  • Door County Coastal Byway
  • Great Divide Highway
  • Great River Road
  • Heritage Drive
  • Lower Wisconsin River Road Scenic Byway