Scenic Byways in Alabama

a scenic road in the state of alabama

The Yellowhammer State

If you’re looking to visit a state where the living is slow and the scenery is breathtaking, it might be time to explore Alabama. This state, known as the Heart of Dixie and the Cotton State, is settled right above Florida in the Deep South regions of the United States.

Alabama boasts 1,500 miles of inland waterways, among the most of any state, giving you ample mileage to enjoy the scenery, whether you find yourself on a canoe, on a boat, or in a car driving along some of the most beautiful byways in the country.

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This state stretches from the northern mountains in the Tennessee Valley to Mobile Bay in the south. This means that a simple drive through the countryside can present you with countless new biomes and visual pleasures to enjoy from the comfort of your car.

Whether you’re looking for a quick trip to remind you of the natural beauty of this state, or just trying to pick out the scenic routes to make your way to Montgomery, there are plenty of scenic byways to help you explore the road less traveled by as you make your way through the Heart of Dixie.

Alabama has switched hands several times throughout its long history. Originally home to many native tribes, one of which gives the state its name, Alabama was colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century, only to be taken over by the French in the 18th century.

The territory changed hands once again back to Spain until Alabama became a state in 1819. During the American Civil War, this state became part of the Confederate States of America, only to rejoin the Union in 1868.

This state’s complicated and diverse history can be experienced through several of the byways, trails, museums that can be found within its borders. Alabama not only sports several historic graveyards for those looking to experience history firsthand, but it is also home to several state and national military parks.

Alabama: Much To Explore

Exploring Alabama allows you to take a good look at the nation’s history, and it offers you a wide variety of scenery, from lush fields, beautiful rivers, to scenic ports in the southernmost part of the state.

Historic plantations allow you to experience the architecture of the past, while scenic byways allow you to leisurely make your way across the state and experience all it has to offer.

No matter your hobbies, this state offers you a chance to embrace nature, while taking part in the relaxed atmosphere of the southern United States. These scenic routes are meant to be enjoyed leisurely, no matter if you find yourself driving through the day to reach a new location or enjoying the back roads on a warm summer night.

We promise that visiting these byways will have you singing “Sweet Home, Alabama” all summer long.