Scenic Byways In Hawaii

a scenic road in the state of hawaii

The Aloha State

While it would take some serious waterwheels and planning to drive to Hawaii, it should come as no surprise that Hawaii has a host of scenic byways to offer.

This state is made up of a beautiful collection of islands that offer a tropical paradise that’s on everyone’s visit list. From paths snaking around volcanoes, to beach paradise is that gives you a gorgeous view of the coastline, you’ll never find yourself lacking gorgeous views when you visit this incredible state.

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Exploring Hawaii By Road

While there might not be as many scenic byways in this state as some of the others on our list, any route you take in Hawaii is sure to bring you a greater appreciation of the natural scenery and the natural world.

Hawaii is composed of 137 volcanic islands spanning over 1500 miles. Even with so many islands, this state has the fourth longest coastline in the United States, at about 750 miles.

The Hawaii that the layperson is familiar with is made up of the 8 main islands, while the uninhabited northwestern Hawaiian Islands are part of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, which is the largest protected area in the United States, and one of the three largest protected areas in the entire world.

Anthropologists estimate that Hawaii was settled by various Polynesian people between 124 and 120 CE. This Oceanic paradise has been home to countless chiefdoms and peoples before British Explorer James Cook arrived in 1778.

Hawaii is known for its natural resources, from its sprawling coastline to its volcanic soil, and this chain of islands is more than just a heathen for tourists and locals alike. Those who find themselves on Hawaii shore will be struck in awe of the gorgeous natural world, and how those who live on these islands strive to ensure that they take care of this natural wonder.

If you find yourself visiting this gorgeous chain of islands, be sure to take in everything this location has to offer, by exploring in the car, on foot, and of course, on a boat.

You’ll find plenty of surprises along the way and natural wonders that will stick with you for the rest of your life. No matter how long you are next trip to Hawaii lasts, you’ll find yourself dreaming of “The Aloha State” for decades to come.