Texas Scenic Byways

Texas Byways

The Lone Star State

Texas is located in the South-Central region of the United States. This state is the second-largest US state, which includes its total area that is second only to Alaska, and a population that is second only to California. While Texas is usually associated with a desert climate, only 10% of the state is made up of an arid climate. Texas features beautiful coastlines, woods, prairies, plains, and more, adding to the diversity that makes up the terrain of this state.

Texas earned its nickname as “The Lone Star State” about its previous status as an independent Republic. This history has been carried on in the state’s flag, which features a single star, as well as the state seal. It’s also interesting to note that Texas has been part of six distinct nations throughout its history. Texas was first colonized by Spain, then belong to France in Mexico, in quick succession. Texas then won its independence in 1836, only to join the United States in 1845. Shortly after this in 1861, Texas joined the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War, before joining back with the United States after the civil war. This trade over has led to the term “six flags over Texas” in memory of the interesting history that makes up this state.

While Texas is known for its involvement in the oil industry, there’s more to this state’s economy than just oil. Texas has a growing list of industries that includes tourism, agriculture, energy, computers, and more. It is interesting to note that if Texas were a sovereign nation, it would have the 10th largest economy in the world, which also means that it leads the United States in export revenue.

Of course, there is more to this state than just its economics. Those looking to take advantage of the natural landscape found in Texas will be pleasantly surprised at the biodiversity that makes up this state. Texas is home to several state and national parks that are well worth visiting, as well as hiking trails that are sure to pose a challenge to even the most seasoned hiker. Those who are more interested in exploring some of the beautiful byways that make up the state will find gorgeous views and big open skies that will make an impression on you as you view it from your car.

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Whether you’re looking to just pass through Texas, or are looking to stay for a while, you’re sure to find yourself falling in love with the wide-open spaces that make up the state. From the gorgeous natural assets that make this state a treasure to drive through, to the incredible urban areas and thriving economy that make this state worth staying in for a while, you’re sure to find yourself singing Texas praises after just a short visit.