Scenic Byways In Kentucky

a scenic road in the state of kentucky

The Bluegrass State

While the name of this state may be popular the world over for everything from the Kentucky Derby to Kentucky Fried Chicken, there’s a lot more to this state than those popular facets.

Kentucky is known as “The Bluegrass State,” a name earned thanks to Kentucky bluegrass, a specific type of grass that grows within the state.

The central part of Kentucky, known as the bluegrass region, is home to Frankfort, Lexington, and Louisville. Surprisingly enough, these three cities make up 1/5 of the entire population of the state.

Kentucky is home to rolling pastures, incredible music, and of course, memorable food.

While many people may be aware of the incredible underground cave system found within mammoth cave National Park, you may be surprised to find out Kentucky is home to the most navigable streams and waterways in the United States. That means that anyone who is a fan of canoeing, boating, or any other form of water sports will find themselves right at home in this incredible state.

Exploring Kentucky By Road

Kentucky was originally part of Virginia until it split off into a new state in 1792. Kentucky is home to many natural attractions, including Cumberland Gap, which is the main way that people traverse the Appalachian Mountains in American history.

There are countless national rivers, lakes, and national and state parks to explore. Whether you’re looking for a scenic route to drive along, or are looking to hike up Black Mountain, the state’s highest point, there are plenty of natural features for you to explore.

No matter if you find yourself coming to Kentucky for the food, the music, or to learn more about the state’s incredible history, there are plenty of beautiful sights and byways to take you through this state and show you everything that makes Kentucky such a wonderful place.

From pastures full of grazing horses, two beautiful mountain ranges, or traversing the largest cave system in the world, you’re sure to never run out of interesting things to do while visiting this state.