Scenic Byways In Illinois

a scenic road in the state of illinois

The Land of Lincoln

Illinois is in the Midwest of the United States and is arguably best known for the Chicago area. Like many Midwestern states, Illinois blends the agricultural aspects of its economy with industrial cities and takes advantage of coal, timber, and even petroleum to fund its economy.

Illinois is also well known for being the birthplace of former President Abraham Lincoln, and gains its nickname as the “Land of Lincoln.” It should come as no surprise that this Prairie state is home to many captivating byways, several of which run along rivers and historic national roads.

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Exploring Illinois By Road

You can also drive on a portion of the historic route 66 in Illinois, a popular tourist attraction for anyone looking to acquire some choice Middle-Americana memorabilia.

No matter what you are looking for when you find yourself in Illinois, you will never be disappointed by this gorgeous state and will find yourself captured by its moving landscapes and its incredible history.

Illinois was first settled by the French during the colonization of the United States. After the American Revolution, Illinois began to grow as more settlers made their way out West, and became a state in 1818.

Thanks to the completion of the Erie Canal, Chicago became a center of activity as one of a few harbors on Lake Michigan. The fertile Prairie of Illinois soon turned into rich farmland, which attracted more settlers in the form of immigrants 2 help build this great state.

As an interesting part of Illinois’s history, three US presidents became presidents while living in Illinois. These presidents were Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Barack Obama. Ronald Reagan was also born and raised in Illinois but became a politician out of California, and so is not included in that list technically.

A quick visit to the state will show you the beautiful scenery and incredible history that inspired these presidents to greatness, as Illinois offers a gorgeous blend of natural scenery, agricultural landscapes, and Metropolitan areas to satisfy even the most niche of travelers.

So whether you find yourself making your way into Illinois on a road trip, or find yourself my layover in this gorgeous state, there are plenty of byways and highways to capture your imagination along the way.