Scenic Byways In North Dakota

a scenic road in the state of north dakota

The Peace Garden State

While North Dakota is one of the Midwestern states, it is one of the farthest North of any of the states to share that title.

North and South Dakota both became part of the union at the same time in 1889, and as the president at the time shuffled the papers to hide which became a state first, the states are usually listed in order of their name when it comes to numbering them as the 39th and 40th states respectively.

North Dakota gets its name from the Dakota and Lakota tribes that make their home within this state.

Surprisingly enough, while North Dakota has some of the lowest population of any state, it also has the lowest unemployment rate, due to the high demand for oil and agricultural jobs within the state.

Some have noted that North Dakota’s most precious resource is its soil, as this contributes to its agricultural development, as well as one of the main sources of income within the state.

Exploring North Dakota By Road

Those who find their way onto North Dakota’s scenic byways will be struck by the gorgeous scenery that makes up this incredible state. While the state is a little out of the way for most travelers, it is well worth the visit whether by car or motorcycle.

North Dakota features a combination of Great Plains territory, as well as more mountainous regions and Badlands.

North Dakota is also home to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, an incredible destination that is worth visiting for both its breathtaking natural views, as well as for historical purposes.

As with every other state, North Dakota was home to several groups of indigenous peoples for thousands of years before being colonized by Europeans.

First explored by Europeans in 1738, North Dakota was part of the Spanish Louisiana territory, it did not come under United States control until it became part of the French territory of the same name and finally was purchased by the United States.

As mentioned previously in this list, North and South Dakota both entered the Union at the same time, with some creative paper shuffling going on to hide which entered the Union first.

With the discovery of oil and other sources of fossil fuel within this state, employment has skyrocketed in the modern era, making North Dakota a profitable (if remote) place to live.

Whether you find yourself driving through North Dakota on the way to another state, or looking for somewhere to take in the natural scenery, you’re sure to find yourself falling in love with the Peace Garden State’s gorgeous landscapes and incredible history.