Connecticut Scenic Byways

a scenic road in the state of connecticut

The Constitution State

Connecticut is arguably one of the most beautiful states to drive through, with main parkways bordered by trees, affording gorgeous views to commuters and travelers alike.

Originally part of the Dutch colony of New Netherland when first colonized, Connecticut was one of the first 13 states and has a long history of both maritime and industrial industries. The Connecticut and New Haven colonies found it in this area in the 1600s crafted documents of Fundamental Orders considered the first constitution in American history.

That earned this state the nickname of “The Constitution State.” It has also been known as “The Nutmeg State,” and “The Provisions State.” Due to its proximity to the coast, Connecticut has had a long history of maritime activity and is part of the region known as New England.

Exploring Connecticut By Road

Connecticut is well known for its rivers, and forests. Because of its location, the state’s coastline provided shelter to ships throughout its long history, especially during times of choppy seas.

Connecticut is an interesting state as it combines the New England charm of its architecture with industrial areas, for a unique combination of rustic charm and modern design. Those looking to explore this state can easily go from parks and beaches to urban areas home to concert venues, restaurants, museums, and more.

Those making their way to the coast will find beaches, marshes, and bustling maritime activities. Further inland, farms and rolling landscapes make the state one of the most enjoyable to drive through.

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Connecticut is home to several state parks, as well as historical national parks that allow you to experience scenes of America’s founding up close. Several Scenic and historic walking trails allow you to explore this date on foot, while also learning about America’s history firsthand.

One of the most amazing things about this state’s scenic byways is that they make up a large portion of its transit options, meaning that Connecticut is an ideal state to appreciate whether you’re looking for an enjoyable route to work, or are simply passing through on your way to another state for vacation.

This state’s natural greenery gives way to rocky coastlines and harbor cities, and the dedicated traveler can experience the joy of traditional farms alongside the hustle and bustle of New Haven, all in one day.

If you’re looking to explore a state that marries an appreciation for history with a love of the sea, Connecticut deserves a spot on your list of places to visit.