The Top 5 Electric Beach Cruisers Reviewed

best electric beach cruiser reviewed Whether you’re coasting along the boardwalk or making your way to the beach, beach cruisers are a great way to take in the sights, and electric beach cruisers give you a whole new way to enjoy the sand and sun. Traditional beach cruisers offer larger seats and more laid back riding experience than other bikes, and electric beach cruisers are no different. Available in both full-powered and power-assist version, electric beach cruisers allow you to take it nice and slow or zoom over to catch the next wave.

Choosing the right electric beach cruiser may feel like a hassle, which is why we’ve gone ahead and reviewed the top seven electric beach cruisers. Whether you’re looking for a comfort-forward cruiser or a speedy sand-searcher, we’ve picked the top options from around the web so you can ride with style. In a hurry to catch a wave? The table below shows our top picks in one convenient location. But read on to learn more about what makes these cruisers the cream of the crop.

The Best Electric Beach Cruisers

We’ve done the research and pulled together the top seven electric beach cruisers on the market, so choosing the right electric beach cruiser for you is a walk in the park. Or rather, a bike ride along the beach.

1. sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Beach Cruiser

sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Beach Cruiser review

The sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Beach Cruiser

There is a lot to love about the sixthreezero Around The Block cruiser. So much in fact, it has edged itself to the top of this list, with its alluring combination of style, power, quality materials, versatility, and high-comfort design.

The sixthreezero’s 500-watt rear hub motor functions in pedal-assist or full-electric eBike mode, so you get a healthy dose of power whenever you need a little kick. The 500-watt battery will take you 18 to 40 miles (at up to 14 mph) in full-electric mode and 20 to 60 miles (at up to 28 mph) in pedal-assist mode, so you can rely on the sixthreezero to get you home in style at a steady speed.

This cruiser is low maintenance and engineered for unbeatable comfort, so once you’ve invested in these wheels, you’ll have a reliable cruising companion for life. The sixthreezero is available in up to 21-speeds, so it’ll make you feel like a kid with none of the typical adult soreness.

The ergonomic frame is engineered to keep your body properly aligned to prevent soreness in your back, shoulders and wrists, which promotes a very comfortable riding experience. But the sixthreezero doesn’t compromise on style, with its classic cruiser lines, ultra-smooth 2” cruiser tires, and matte-black or grey finish.

The sixthreezero Around The Block Men’s Beach Cruiser is available in multiple speeds to fit your lifestyle, which makes it ideal for casual to up-tempo rides across multiple types of terrain.

2. ECOTRIC Powerful Fat Tire Electric Beach Cruiser

 ECOTRIC Powerful Fat Tire Electric Beach Cruiser review

The ECOTRIC Powerful Fat Tire Electric Beach Cruiser

If you’re looking to go off-road, challenge yourself with some rough terrains, and do it in style, then the ECOTRIC Powerful Fat Tire Electric Beach Cruiser is the bike for you. And despite its killer features, this model won’t break the bank.

One of ECOTRIC’s most budget friendly fat tire electric bikes, the Fat Tire Cruiser comes with a nice matte black finish, all-terrain and all-purpose features and speeds of up to 20mph – thanks to the Shimano 7 speed gearing system.

The ECOTRIC Cruiser’s powerful 500 watt rear hub motor and 36V lithium battery pack allow for a considerable amount of charging time, so you can rely on the motor for a full day without issue (25 mile max range on electric only.) This comes in pretty handy when you find yourself out further than you had expected on your off-road adventure.

The frame itself is manufactured from sturdy aluminium, giving a robust yet lightweight feel to the product. Big 26″ wheels mean this is also suitable for the taller person and should be able to accommodate someone who reaches 6’8 in height.

The ECOTRIC Powerful Fat Tire Electric Beach Cruiser can be operated as a normal bike or using the electric mode (twist throttle) and pedal assist modes, it is a versatile electric bike that is at home in the city or can be used on rough terrain.

3. NAKTO 26-Inch 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

 NAKTO 26-Inch 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle  review

The NAKTO 26-Inch 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

The NAKTO 26-Inch 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle is our top choice for commuters and students alike. For that journey you need to do every day, twice a day. You want comfort. You want reliability. You want durability and affordability. You don’t need any super fancy bells-and-whistles, but you do need a light-weight bike and a smooth ride you can depend on day-after day.

These are all the qualities The NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo deliver on. It’s frame is built with high-strength carbon steel which is extremely strong and durable – in fact, it’s the same material used in the construction of earthquake resistant buildings – so you certainly won’t be seeing much of your bike-repair-guy.

The front forks are made from the same carbon steel and are designed with premium comfort shock absorption in mind, to give you the most comfortable ride to school or work possible. It has the 2 working modes, so it can be used either as an e-bike, or as an assisted bike where you’re helped along by the motor. Combining the 2 modes can extend the riding time and the distance covered.

The gear shift system is a 6-Speed Shimano Transmission System, and the NAKTO is driven by a 250W High Speed Brushless gear motor which allows you to travel effortlessly at the 18-25 MPH road speed limit and cover from 22-28 miles on a single charge. The motor is powered by a rechargeable and easily removable 36V, 10Ah lithium battery, and also comes complete with a Smart Charger.

4. SWAGTRON EB10 Electric Cruiser

SWAGTRON EB10 Electric Cruiser review

The SWAGTRON EB10 Electric Cruiser

Now this is an elegant little bike. As the name would suggest, the SWAGTRON EB10 Electric Cruiser is all about two things: comfort, and swag, making it perfect for gliding through town, down by the beach, or along your commute without breaking a sweat.

The SWAGTRON’s upright design lets you ride with minimal stress on your shoulders, neck and lower back. The wide bars help keep your wrists in a natural, comfortable position even on long rides. And with the soft, cushioned, coil-sprung saddle, riding around your neighborhood on the EB10 is a breeze.

Design highlights include premium steel components and a deep, swept-back handlebar for relaxed posture. Quick-change Shimano gears deliver the on-the-fly flexibility to handle riding conditions from flat to hilly.

The low 19.75” step-through frame delivers that vintage cruiser look, making the bike accessible to almost everyone. Mobility concerns certainly won’t stop you from riding. You can also easily swap out the battery with a fresh one when you need the extra power.

5. Eahora X5 Electric Bike

 Eahora X5 review

The Eahora X5 Electric Bike

Eahora 26 Inch Beach Cruiser is a fashionable, sporty cruiser designed for ultimate fun and unbeatable function. The American-designed Harley special-shaped frame gives it a sleek and unique look, whilst all its top-of-the range modern features make it perfect for on and off-road use, however you want to ride.

The motor is designed to generate electricity when the rider goes downhill, providing additional energy to the battery (though also has the function of a general motor). With this 350W high speed brushless gear motor, you can reach the top speed in just 15 seconds. This motor is very friendly to those beginners who just start riding with E-bike.

The Samsung brand cells ensure the long-life and high-safety of the Eahora‘s batteries, which come with 2-Year Warranty. The E-PAS system achieves 45% energy recovery on the downhill, making battery life more durable and keeping the battery active.

With the Eahora’s front and rear mechanical 160mm disc brakes, you can stop the bike in a more effective way, even in loose terrain. One of the main perks of the mechanical disc brake is that the cables are far easier to install and they work more efficiently.

All-in-all, this 7-speed cruiser is a great bike for tricky terrain. The lower gears make it easier to pedal, whilst the higher gears allow for better movement going downhill. But it also looks great, so no matter how you want to use it, this bike will bring the style.

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Electric Beach Cruiser Purchase Guide

While choosing an electric beach cruiser may seem easier than picking out an electric mountain bike or road bike, there are a few key things to keep in mind before making an investment.

Tire Size

Beach cruisers can come outfitted like a normal cruiser bike with a slightly larger tire than the average bike, or they can come with fat tires. Normal cruiser tires are made for slightly uneven surfaces, but their size is not so large as to slow you down on tar.

Fat bike tires, on the other hand, are made for uneven surfaces like sand or other loose materials and are perfect for out of the way beach locations and trails. Unlike normal bike tires, however, fat bike tires do take more power to move on tar or other surfaces, and can make your bike heavier, cutting into your overall battery life.

Storage Options

We’re not talking about where you can store your bike, although if you’re looking for compact electric bikes there are plenty to choose from. Many cruisers can be outfitted with storage space on the back of the bike, allowing you to bring your beach gear along with you. The only downside for this setup is that it does weigh down your bike, so it may impact the overall speed and power available from the motor. Still, if you’re looking to head to the beach, the added storage can be a lifesaver!

How to Cycle over Soft Sand

If you have a fat tire electric cruiser bike, you may be tempted to take your bike for a spin on the beach. This video shows the best way to bike over soft sand without falling over or becoming stuck.