Scenic Byways In Florida

a scenic road in the state of florida

The Sunshine State

There’s a reason Bugs Bunny always talks about going to Miami beach. Nicknamed “The Sunshine State, the name “Florida” means “the Land of Flowers,” and for good reason. Florida is known for its agriculture and environmental preservation, and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve sampled an orange that started its life in Florida.

Florida switched hands several times during its colonial history, being tossed back and forth between Spain and Great Britain until it was admitted to the Union as a state in 1845.

Florida is a popular retirement destination due to its warmer weather and an enviable climate. Interestingly enough, Florida is one of the flattest states in the United States and has hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches to explore.

Florida is known for not only its agriculture but also the popular amusement parks found within its state, most notable being Disney World.

Exploring Florida By Road

If you’re looking for a state with breathtaking views, ranging from the untouched wilderness of the wetlands to captivating coastlines dotted with white sand beaches and resorts, you’ll want to make your way to Florida.

Florida has the longest coastline of the contiguous United States, with about 1,350 miles to explore. This doesn’t even take into consideration the over 4,500 islands larger than 10 acres along its coast.

While you can’t easily drive to these islands, they add a certain mystique to the coastline and may serve as secondary destinations if you ever find yourself charting a boating tour.

Florida is home to several kinds of unique wildlife, including alligators, crocodiles, flamingos, bottlenose dolphins, manatees, and more. All of these can be found in Everglades National Park in the southern half of the state and is well worth a visit.

This state is known for its tropical climate, and is well worth exploring while on vacation, as you will never be bored with so many interesting things to experience. Of course, there’s more to any drive or vacation than just seeing the natural world.

Those who are looking to experience this state’s cultural offerings may find themselves drawn to metropolitan areas like Miami, which is one of the largest urban regions in the country. Here, they can experience the incredible cuisine that makes it home in this incredible state, as well as attend cultural events like plays, museums, and more.

Whether you’re looking to meander your way around the coastline, take in the heart of the state, or are looking for a new way to take yourself from point A to point B, there are countless scenic byways to help you truly appreciate the beauty of the Sunshine State.

No matter where your journey takes you, you’ll find yourself rolling the window down to enjoy the beautiful weather and glorious sunshine that this state has to offer.