Scenic Byways In New York

a scenic road in the state of new york

The Empire State

While this might surprise the average traveler, there is much more to the state of New York than just New York City.

Of course, The City That Never Sleeps is an attraction worth visiting anytime, but there is more to explore in this incredible state than just its capital city.

New York varies wildly from the heart of the city to the agricultural, rural areas surrounding towns like Ithaca.

Exploring New York By Road

Those looking to truly experience New York will find countless trails and byways they can explore with their cars leading through the various towns and counties that make up the true heart of this state.

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New York was one of the original American colonies, but it wasn’t always the New York we know today. As the They Might Be Giants song goes, “Even Old New York, was once New Amsterdam.” This is about the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam, which eventually became New York as we know it today.

However, long before the Europeans first set foot on the continent, New York and the surrounding areas were home to countless Native American tribes, including the Haudenosaunee, Algonquian, Lenape, Wampanoag, and Mohican.

With the state’s proximity to the coast, as well as its connectivity to other areas of the continent, it’s no surprise that so many groups of people made their home within the state’s borders.

However, as European expansion continued, the native tribes that made their homes on New York soil were forced elsewhere.

While New York’s proximity to the coast made it a cornerstone of the new United States, it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that New York began to grow into the bustling city that we know today.

However, while New York may have become the face of this incredible state, there’s much more to New York than just the urban sprawl at its heart. New York is home to several national monuments, as well as the gorgeous view that is Niagara Falls.

Those looking to explore the natural world won’t have to step too far outside of New York City to be struck by the complexity of this state.

Areas of New York lean more toward an agricultural bent, a stark contrast to the more urban areas along the coast.

Rivers, mountains, and more are ripe for exploration and lead you closer to the soul of The Empire State.

No matter if you find yourself climbing to the top of the Empire State Building, or exploring the natural heights of the Appalachian Trail, you’ll find yourself embracing the state’s motto “Excelsior!” as you make your way ever upward.