Scenic Byways In Nebraska

a scenic road in the state of nebraska

The Cornhusker State

Nebraska is known for its two major plain regions, the Great Plains and the Dissected Till Plains. File to the outsider that means that the state is quite flat, it does allow for this state to grow a large number of crops, including corn, giving the state the nickname “The Cornhusker State.”

Nebraska is an interesting state, in that its legislature elects its members without any official reference to political parties. This state is situated almost in the exact middle of the contiguous United States and is one of these several squared off states that make their home in the center part of the Midwest.

This state’s name comes from the archaic Otoe words meaning “flat water,” referencing the Platte River.

Nebraska was home to several indigenous people groups in the region before European exploration. Interestingly enough, the state is crisscrossed by historic trails, including those used during the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Nebraska first became a state two years after the end of the Civil War, a fact that reflects on the lack of political party references in their legislature.

Most of the draw of this gorgeous state comes from its natural attractions, including its warmer temperate areas, and its rolling agricultural fields.

Nebraska is home to several national monuments and national recreation areas, including the Homestead National Monument, which pays homage to the settlers who made their way west and helped establish the United States across the entire continent.

Those who visit this area can explore recreated homesteads to get a feel for what it was like for those early settlers to make their home within this beautiful state.

Exploring Nebraska By Road

Nebraska has plenty to offer for anyone looking for gorgeous highways and byways that crisscross the state, giving you access to its gorgeous natural resources.

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Those interested in the history of western expansion can explore several national monuments and walk historic trails that have been around for hundreds of years. Those looking to take advantage of more urban areas can make their way to Lincoln or Omaha, which are some of the most populated areas of the state.

No matter what brings you to Nebraska, there are plenty of gorgeous views to take your breath away, and a wealth of historic attractions that are sure to help increase your appreciation for American history, will also allow you to experience what it was like for early Americans to live within this state.

We’re sure that you’ll find yourself planning your next visit to The Cornhusker State long before you make your way through the meandering plains of this gorgeous state.