The Top 6 Fat Tire Electric Bikes of 2021 Reviewed

best fat tire electric bike reviewsElectric bikes increase in popularity every year, and are a great eco-friendly commute option for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact. On top of this, electric bikes have become more versatile, allowing you to use them for mountain biking, cycling, and more. But once the weather turns colder, or you find yourself on dirt roads, you want to be sure to invest in a fat tire electric bike.

Fat tire electric bikes have larger tires than your average bike, which gives them increased traction on slick and rough surfaces. This not only allows you to travel further over rough terrain without exerting as much energy (or battery power), it can help prevent the slipping and sliding that happens when biking in light snow or other wet conditions.

In order to help you choose the right fat tire electric bike for your needs, we’ve pulled together a list of the top 6 fat tire electric bikes, so you can rest easy knowing your choosing the right electric bikes for your daily needs. In a hurry? Check out the table below to find our top picks.

The Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Looking for the best fat tire electric bikes on the market? Look no further! We’ve reviewed the top 6 flat tire electric bikes on the market, so you can make the right choice for you.

1. Thunder T1 Fat Tire Electric Bike

Turboant Thunder T1 review

The Turboant Thunder T1

The Thunder T1 is a great e-bike. It is powered by a 750 W brushless gear motor powered by a 48 volt × 14 Ah Samsung battery, which gives it a cruising range of up to 60 miles and a top speed of 28mph! It is a rugged bike, with 26″ x 4″ fat tires, RST hydraulic front forks, and an aluminum alloy frame that allow it to haul a max payload of 330 pounds. So if you are on the larger side (like me), the Thunder T1 might be the perfect off-road e-bike for you.

This 7-speed bike can be operated as a pedal-only bike, using one of 5 levels of pedal assist, or in full electric cruising mode. Another handy feature is an electric push-assist that can help you move the bike if you are walking alongside it. The front and rear LED lights give you plenty of illumination, and the leather grips offer a comfortable feel for long rides.

Overall we were very impressed with the Turboant Thunder T1, and think it is an excellent choice if you are in the market for a fat-tire e-bike.

For the best price on the Thunder T1, check out the official Turboant website.

2. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 26-Inch

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 26-Inch review

The ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 26-Inch

A budget-friendly ebike that is really good on any terrain, the Ecotric FAT26s900 electric bike is a sturdy and robust machine, with fat tires that provide premium traction, even on snow and sand! This pedal-assist throttle hybrid ebike, features an aerodynamic design and premium shock absorption capability. Still, at 55lbs, this motorized bicycle is considered heavy so is not well suited to being carried for any distance.

With anti-slip tires offering premium grip, the e-bike has excellent traction, and it is an ideal choice for anyone who prefers to cycle on a variety of terrains. With 500 watts, it’s both quiet and powerful and can reach up to 20 mph, which means that you will always have enough power to push through that extra mile. The Ecotric has a battery which you can easily remove so you can take a spare with you, but it does take around 5 to 8 hours to charge, but it can be charged either on or off the ebike.

The Ecotric fat tire electric bike doesn’t quite reach the top speeds or have the range of some of its competitors, but it is budget-friendly and is a great choice and excellent value for money as it has the performance levels of a much more expensive e-bike.

3. DJ Fat Bike 750W 48V

DJ Fat Bike 750W 48V review

The DJ Fat Bike 750W 48V

The DJ Fat Bike 750W features a durable aluminium frame and with its 4” tires can tackle mud, snow, and pavement. The 750w motor with power up to 1000w is pretty impressive, and the Shimano 7 gears are great for riding on and off-road. The DJ Fat Bike has passed all its UL tests in safety and quality; it has Tektro brakes for effective stopping power and an easy-to-read LCD meter.

4. Speedrid Electric Bike

Speedrid Electric Bike review

The Speedrid Electric Bike

An extremely powerful with a 500w motor which you can feel as soon as you start to ride it. You can easily travel over sand, mud, and gravel bike trails with this bike as it has strong and sturdy tires which are four-inch fat tires which are also very suitable for use on off-road surfaces as well as busy streets, plus, you can easily climb hills with them.

It also has an LCD screen so you can see how much battery you have left and other various things like your speed.

5. W Wallke 26-Inch Fat Tire E-Bike

W Wallke 26-Inch Fat Tire E-Bike review

The W Wallke 26-Inch Fat Tire E-Bike

The W Wallke folding electric bike has an all-black, stylish design and its linear frame is pure 6061 aluminium alloy, which is more durable than the ordinary frame. You can fold it in half, so it’s easier for you to store in any small space, but it is too heavy to carry. It has a removable Samsung lithium battery which usually takes 4 to 5 hours to charge and then means you can cruise 25 to 35 miles on pure electric mode. It also automatically charges whenever you’re riding downhill.

As well as the pure electric mode, there’s also the pedal-assist mode and then traditional bicycle mode when the power is turned off. The bike does look a lot cooler in person than it does on a picture and looks more expensive but is ultimately a fun, and powerful electric bike. It’s incredibly fast on motor-only mode, and powerful, especially on a flat terrain so that it could be too fast and strong for some people. It’s an excellent choice for people who commute daily to work or school because of its long-lasting battery.

Aside from these good points, it comes with no assembly instructions so you will have to rely on your mechanical skills and videos online to assemble this. It is also a really heavy bike, but it is suitable for people who expect to travel a lot on soft, unstable grounds.

6. Ecotric 20-Inch Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

 Ecotric 20-Inch Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike review

The Ecotric 20-Inch Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

The Ecotric 20-Inch Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike is a commuting electric bike with a powerful motor. Not only does it have style, but it is a heavy-duty electric mountain bike and has a rear hub motor with 500W of power. The fat tires are designed to tackle off-road terrain, and while it isn’t the fastest ebike you can buy, this bike is all about exploring the rough paths away from the road.

As well as this, it is a convenient folding electric bicycle with top-notch build quality which takes 6-8 hours to charge. However, the electric bike is well worth the charging time. If you enjoy riding off the beaten path, then this portable folding e-bike is the one for you. There is no rear light for safety at night, though, and this model is also expensive, but it is worth it. The Ecotric 20″ is a mountain bike that will last a long time, and the ride is really amazing.

Fat Tire Electric Bike Purchasing Guide

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of options for fat tire electric bikes, no need to worry! We’ve rounded up the key features to keep in mind while bike shopping.

Tire Size and Tread

While it goes without saying that fat tire electric bikes will have larger tires than your average cycle, you want to consider the size of the tires and tread type before making your investment. The wider the tires, the more stability, but also the slower the speed. And while increased tread can make traveling over rough terrain that much easier, it can slow you down on paved roads, and eat into your battery life.

The real trick is to choose a set of tires that are wide enough to provide support, and with enough tread for your needs, without becoming unwieldy. It can help to do some research on the best tire types for your activity of choice, and to scout out your daily commute or favorite trails to see what your new bike will have to contend with.

Motor and Battery

As with any electric bike, the stronger the motor, the heavier it becomes. Fat tires can contribute to the overall weight of your bike, meaning you’ll need a stronger motor to go as fast as the average electric bike. This means that you may end up needing a larger battery to run your motors, which can contribute to the overall weight of the bike again. These all play off of each other to impact battery life and overall speed, not to mention the bulk of your new bike. And while you may not be entirely concerned about the weight of your bike now, you might rethink that stance once you have to carry it with you on a commute.

Another thing to keep in mind is the kind of motor your fat tire electric bike has. Power-assist and full-power motors can add or detract to your bike depending on its intended use, so it’s best to consider if you want a bike that does all the work for you (full-power) or a motor that can kick in when the going gets tough (power-assist).

Fat Tire Electric Bike Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fat Tire Electric Bikes Harder to Ride?

This is a bit of a complex question. Fat tire bikes make riding over tough terrain a breeze compared to bikes with smaller tires, and can make that stretch of gravel you dread a bike in the park. But fat tire bikes are heavier than their counterparts, and are much heavier to peddle on flat surfaces like pavement. In short, the difficulty comes more from the terrain than it does from the bike, so be prepared to spend a little extra power (either motor or pedal) when working with a fat tire electric bike.

Are Fat Tire Electric Bikes Slower?

Again, this question is a bit relative to the terrain. If you tried to take your normal bike over bumpy surfaces and off road, it would probably perform much slower than on pavement or flat ground. But overall, yes, fat tire bikes tend to be slower than bikes with thin tires, especially on pavement. This applies to fat tire electric bikes as well, but they are still much faster than walking, and when you factor in the delays caused by uneven ground or frustrating terrain, it all tends to even out.

Are Fat Bikes Cool?

We’ve gone over the technical questions associated with fat tire electric bikes, but there is one question that we still need to answer: are fat bikes cool? We say yes, but check out this video to find out why they’re so cool.