Natchez Trace Parkway

State: Alabama
Length: 444 miles / 714.5 km
Time to Allow: Two days to enjoy the Byway.

Take the Natchez Trace Parkway to visit the best of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee for an impressive 444-mile byway. Take at least two days to enjoy the byway but longer for a full vacation to learn about Kaintuck boatmen, Native Americans, and the beginning of the country. The route spends most of its time in Mississippi but takes off a significant portion of middle Tennessee with a slight detour through Alabama. It stops just short of the coast, making it an excellent continuation of the trip down to the gulf.

Start the trip in Nashville, a large city filled with adventure. Music lovers love this city with famous stops like the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Grand Ole Opry, and tons of country bars. Visit local breweries and museums while in town before ending the day at the gorgeous Centennial Park. Next, stop at the Loveless Cafe for some homemade biscuits and fried chicken before moving to the next location.

Leiper’s Fork offers a quaint town filled with antique stores, gift shops, art galleries, and local charm. From there, visit Baker Bluff and Jackson Falls for some impressive panoramic with a short hike. First, follow a trail for the Jackson Falls, ready for interesting pictures and a day in the wild. Next, visit Fall Hallow for another stunning waterfall over rocks built right into the forest.

Follow the byway to the Wichahpi Commemorative Stone Wall at milepost 338, about ten miles from the Tennessee-Alabama border. The wall was built to honor Tom Hendrix’s grandma, who was part of the American Indian removal from Oklahoma. In Tuscumbia, Alabama, you can visit the Music Hall of Fame and the birthplace of Helen Keller. An impressive park with synchronized lights and a spring-fed lake make for a great afternoon.

Make sure to stop at the Natchez Trace Parkway Headquarters Visitors Center at mile marker 266 for information and even a hiking trail. From there, visit Tupelo, Mississippi, to visit the Elvis Presley Museum and birthplace. You can also visit the Automobile Museum and eat at the Neon Pig for an impressive burger. The strangely named town of Witch Dance is next filled with legendary paranormal activity for those who love visiting ghostly apparitions.

Heading southwest in Mississippi, visit the French Camp Historic District and the Cypress Swamp. Guided walking tours and raised boardwalks make for a stunning location to see an alligator. Now you are ready for Jackson, Mississippi, a larger city with tons of museums. Visit the State Capitol building and the Civil Rights Museum or even the Medgar Evers Home. The options are endless, with gardens and endless hotels. Finally, have a meal at the Walker Drive-in for interesting food with options for everyone.

Before ending the trip, visit Natchez right on the Mississippi River. Visit a few mansions with tours and spend a night or two at the Monmouth Historic Inn built-in 1818. The entire tour features impressive architectural beauty and tons of options for nature as the route passes through forests, cypress swamps, farmlands, and the countryside.

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