Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway

State: Oregon
Length: 500 miles / 804.7 km
Time to Allow: You can drive the All American Road in 2 days but to fully take advantage of what it has to offer plan on 5 days or more.

Close to the Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway is the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway in central-south Oregon. The route does not follow a straight line but offers dips and curves and two lakes, and a waterfall. Follow it straight down to Northern California with at least five to seven hours to make the trip for scenic views. The byway connects to multiple state parks, forests, wildlife refuges, mountains, and of course, volcanic landscapes that created the name.

As with the other byway, this one also features Diamond Lake and Crater Lake. The lake offers a resort, cabins, motels, studios, and an RV park. Find a plethora of recreation options on and off the water in all four seasons. From the lake, you can see Mount Bailey and Mount Thielsen. The Pumice Desert sits between the two lakes with a harsh environment opposite of the lush lakes.

Crater Lake offers insane views of the night sky as it surrounds wildlands. People flock to the lake for its natural beauty and Wizard Island. The lands are free of roads in several sections, leaving you in the wilderness on a bike or foot. Find lodging and camping options in the area, too, so you can stay and enjoy surround ocean views unlike any you have ever experienced before.

Visit Klamath Falls for another lake with incredible views and an island in the water. No matter where you go in this region, you will find places to walk, bike, boat, ski, and bird watching. If you want to canoe, go to the Upper Klamath Canoe Trail by Rocky point to glide through marshes and flowers while searching for massive rainbow trout. Find activities for children in town too with walking trails and a children’s museum and several restaurants.

Check out Fort Klamath to learn more about the Modoc Indian War of 1872 right by the Upper Klamath Wildlife Refuge. It offers incredible views of the lake and attracts almost foo species of birds, making this a great trip for bird watchers seeking unique fowl.

After exploring this byway in Oregon, you can move south to California for a little more adventure. In the California section, visit several national parks, including Lassen Volcanic National Park, Mount Shasta, Lava Beds National Monument, and Medicine Lake Volcano. While you can see a lot in Oregon, the trail only gets better moving over the border as it goes a full 500 miles with only a minor portion in Oregon.

Plan for at least two weeks if you plan to start in Oregon and move your way south to California and end your trip at Lassen Volcanic National Park. Find surprises along the way with waterfalls, gorgeous lakes, and caves. This is a great byway to break out your RV for an epic family adventure full of nature views and outdoor activities. No other trip will offer quite the same experience, although this is not the best option for someone who wants to avoid the outdoors!

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