Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway

State: Oregon
Length: 172 miles / 276.8 km
Time to Allow: Plan on 7 to 8 hours to tour this Byway.

The Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway follows a triangular trail in the southwest part of Oregon. While it’s not close to the water, you can get to the ocean in a couple of hours for the next leg of your journey. The trail takes 172 miles or about five to seven hours, depending on how long you want to take to see the sights. What makes this byway special is the incredible forests and mountains along with impressive waterfalls, all with easy access from a variety of locations.

Choose this byway if you want to see waterfalls as it’s known as the “highway of waterfalls.” Along the way, you can see two gorgeous rivers, including the Rogue River and the Umpqua, both world-famous for fishing, rafting, and beauty. But, first, the byway heads to the east before bending southwest with so much to see you may want to plan a couple of days to see the sights and explore the natural wonders.

Roseburg starts the trail, a little lumber town with tons of recreation sights. Check out the covered bridges, local architecture, and natural history. Find the first three waterfalls right in Roseburg, and the town lights up often with festivals and other town events. The town offers several wineries and a guest house perfect for a vacation. Foodies will love traveling this trail for the Great Umpqua Food trail with over 70 stops for food and wine.

Following the river, you can find locations perfect for fishing and another waterfall. The Colliding Rivers in Glide is where the North Umpqua and the Little River meet in impressive white water. Follow a few different trails for perfect day hikes with miles and miles of space. Find several dramatic areas, including Eagle Rock or Old Man Rock, that beg for photographs.

Next on the docket, stop at the beautiful Diamond Lake tucked in between two mountains. The area includes many amenities, including resorts, hotels, a marina, and even a horse stable. It’s an ideal vacation spot if you want a home base while checking out the rest of the trail. In the winter, you can even go skiing on local trails, or you can visit Crater Lake National Park a few miles away.

Now head to the Rogue River with lava flows, canyons, and massive trees. It lines up with an old wagon trail and a platform where you can view the Rogue Gorge. Stop at the Natural Bridge, where you can learn about the history of the area. Stay nearby in local campgrounds if you want to fish or hike. The area offers unparalleled beauty with tons of outdoor activities to suit everyone.

Along with lakes and mountain views, make waterfalls your destination of choice. The byway leads to an impressive double-tiered fall called Toketee Falls. Another option is Watson Falls, with a picnic area and trail-ready for advanced hikers. Next, you need to see the smaller but pretty Whitehorse Falls, replete with a campground. Nearby find the Clearwater falls near the clearwater river to end your journey.

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