Trying Out The Espin Nesta Electric Bike

espin nesta folding electric bike on a gravel driveway We recently got the chance to try out the Espin Nesta e-bike, and were really excited about the opportunity. We’ve looked at quite a few electric bikes over the past few years, and when the Nesta hit the market we noted that it checked a lot of the boxes on our wish list.

One of the primary advantages of the Espin Nesta Electric Bike is its compact size. While you can find another compact or folding electric bikes, the competition does not stand up to this bike’s long list of attributes. The Nesta possesses features that the vast majority of other e-bike models overlook including adaptability, control, comfort and stability.

Let’s dive in and look at what we found when we evaluated the Nesta.

Driving the Nesta

closeup of the fat tires on the espin nesta
With eight gears on an S-Ride drivetrain, driving this bike is a breeze. In addition, if your batteries run out of juice, you will not be in any danger unless you try to climb a severe incline. However, most people are not familiar with the S-Ride, and many prefer the Shimano but give this a test drive before you turn to other options with more familiar parts.

The e-bike has a throttle and five levels of pedal assistance, but the throttle will not function unless the assist mode is at least at level one. Even the first pedal-assist level, in my opinion, is quite aggressive, and by level five, unless you are cranking hard, you are hardly utilizing any of your own power at all.

Speaking of cranking, as soon as you press the throttle, you will realize how quickly this bike moves as it can reach speeds of 17 miles per hour uphill. This bike is by far the fastest I have ever driven by battery power, as it can easily exceed 25 miles per hour or more depending on the settings. Most e-bikes top out at 20 mph on flat surfaces making this bike one of the best. It limits at 40 miles per hour on flat smooth services, which is still quite impressive.

The Espin Nesta consistently transitions from one degree of pedal assistance to the next, making it easy to find your comfort level and predict how much power and speed you will need. Also, both the lowest and maximum pedal assist settings feel natural, even for newbies to electric bikes. Add in the option to use the throttle at higher pedal assist levels and the bike packs some serious acceleration without compromising control or torque. If you want to customize your assistance, this bike is for you, especially if you want to feel completely in control the entire time.

The compact and wide tires play a major role in the Nesta’s extremely stable and nimble handling. With the 20″ x 4.0′ fat tires and the smaller wheels, the bike has a narrow turn radius and is simple to corner. In addition, the front tire can travel over obstacles because of the 100mm suspension fork, which also improved overall handling in off-road situations.

The Mechanics of the Nesta

Now let’s talk motor. A 750w rear hub geared motor can produce up to 85Nm of torque, meaning you can easily tackle any hill. This bike, however, is not a mountain bike and will struggle on rough terrain, but that’s not to say it cannot handle some uneven terrain or rocks, but you may need to slow down. Additionally, you should ride it carefully on slick gravel due to the engine’s power as it makes it simpler to slide out.

The fact that the eSpin eBikes have hydraulic disc brakes is a great plus because to be completely honest, I did not know much about the distinction between hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes until I started researching this bike. The front and back 160mm brake rotors of the Zoom hydraulic disc brakes. They are powerful, fast, and balance stopping power well.

From an installation perspective, mechanical disc brakes are simpler to start using than mechanical disc brakes. Mechanical brakes typically screech more and require more adjusting than hydraulic brakes giving the Nesta major advantage. Additionally, they cost more which explains the price but also explains why I enjoy driving the bike so much!

Charging the Nesta

The battery for the Espin Nesta is a 48V, 10.5Ah unit. I had estimated that the battery would last for 20 to 25 miles at the greatest level of assistance before the test. With an average speed of 19 mph, you can make the charge last about 30 miles which is extremely impressive for the current e-bikes available. If you only use pedal assist, the bike can go about 70 miles if you do most of the work. Of course, if you are in flat areas, you can turn off assist completely and save the battery by using good old-fashioned foot power.

The Comfort and Style of the Nesta

digital display on the espin nesta bike
The Nesta handles a variety of terrain with ease despite its oddball appearance—half moped, part BMX bike. Thanks to the padded saddle and adjustable front shock system, you will have a smooth and pleasant ride on anything from city streets to bike paths to dirt roads. No other e-bike has offered me as much comfort as this cruiser style because of the step-through design and upright seating position.

At only 5’4 inches, I can easily get on and off the bike, making light off-roading easier. Even taller individuals – up to 6′ 4″ – will have ease stepping onto the bike. The high upright position of the handlebars takes some getting used to but reduces strain on your back and neck by improving your posture. Ergonomic and comfortable rubber grips keep you steady even if you get sweaty further adding to the ease of use.

The bike is manageable and easy to steer despite the high handlebars. While a bit higher than normal, they are adjustable but take a little use for comfort once you find the right level for you. Also, the 100mm suspension fork and 4-inch thick tires make for a comfortable and gentle riding experience. Off-road portions and road bumps felt smoother than I had anticipated.

Above the movable stem in the middle of the handlebars of the Espin Nesta is a colorful LCD display. The color scheme makes for an appealing display with easy-to-read data even while driving. However, the sun can glare in just the wrong spot and hide your information. The display shows the watt meter in addition to the time, speed, battery, PAS level, and odometer, all pretty standard without going overboard or clogging up the screen.

Store and Go

A front rack with a weight limit of 22 pounds and a rear rack with a weight limit of 66 pounds are optional additions to the bike’s cool accessories. On the handlebar stem, there is space for a water bottle cage, which is necessary, in my opinion, especially for extended journeys. Like most modern e-bikes, this one has good components, disc brakes, and a headlight (but no rear light) for nighttime riding. Grab a third-party rear light if you plan to drive at night.

Since this eSpin eBike folds incredibly easily to a size that is roughly one-quarter of its original size, it’s ready to store when you are not on the go. It fits easily in the back of my mid-sized SUV. This folding e-bike does not have the cumbersome additions but the battery could be a little less visible. Honestly, it’s a small price to pay for the other outstanding features.

The Nesta is many things, but it is not lightweight, and initially folding it requires some strength and perseverance. At 65 pounds, it is manageable to pick up and transport but by no means simple. This would most likely be a deal-breaker for someone who may not have much physical strength. I cannot imagine carrying it very far, but disassembly works easily for moving around on trains or for the car making the weight easier to manage even for those with strength challenges.

Final Thoughts

The Espin Nesta proves to be an all-around impressive e-bike. No other electric bikes on the market are like it as the company makes the most of having a motor and battery in their construction while providing everything customers want and need. The Nesta has demonstrated its versatility for just about any type of biking with sensible components without sacrificing performance to save money. The Espin Nesta is a great value almost anyone can benefit from to get out on the road with a little pedal assist.