Trying Out The Supzoom Shark Inflatable Paddle Board

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2022)
man and woman paddling an inflatable paddleboard
Summer is just around the corner, and with the lingering sunlight and promise of cool waterfront breezes, it’s time to dust off your swimsuit and head to the lake.

If you’re in the market for new waterfront activities or are looking to revamp your current collection, you should check out the Supzoom Shark All Round Inflatable Paddle Board.

Before getting into what makes this paddleboard an incredible purchasing choice (can you say “extra storage space”?), let’s go over what you want to look for in a paddleboard.

Shopping for the Right Paddle Board

Right out the bat, you want to make sure that the paddleboard you’re looking into can support your weight. This is incredibly important, as not only is having a durable paddleboard a must, but it can also impact your center of balance while paddling around the lake.

A good paddleboard should be able to carry the average adult man (over 200 lbs.), with the understanding that having added capacity for storage or bringing your dog with you can be a massive benefit.

The next thing to keep in mind is that unless you live alongside a lake, having a transportable paddleboard is a must. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself struggling to get your new paddleboard outside your front door, let alone into the water.

While paddleboards come in both inflatable and solid construction, keep in mind that inflatable paddle boards can be just as durable as their solid counterparts, and in many cases, repairing an inflatable paddleboard is much easier than trying to put a solid paddleboard back together.

Outside of the topic of repair and general use, inflatable paddle boards can also be shrunk down to fit in your luggage, or the trunk of your car, meaning you can spend less time wondering if your gas mileage is suffering from the giant paddleboard strapped to the roof of your car, and more time enjoying your vacation.

Now that you have a general idea of the key features to look for in a paddleboard, let’s talk about why the Supzoom Shark 10’6″ All Round Inflatable Paddle Board takes the cake.

What We Like About The Supzoom Shark

woman stretching out on a supzoom paddleboard The Supzoom Shark Paddle Board is 10’ 6” long, with a width of 32” and a depth of 6”. This means that not only can even the tallest paddleboarder in the world lay out on their board and enjoy the sun but also the board’s depth and width allow for greater stability, making this a great beginner paddleboard.

No paddleboard would be complete without the paddle, and an 85.4” paddle completes this ensemble perfectly, giving you ideal reach when propelling yourself along any body of water. The paddle is also adjustable.

storage bag The real kicker to this paddleboard is its ability to fit in the included 35” by 16” bag, meaning that you can fit your entire paddleboard inside a suitcase, should you find yourself flying to far off bodies of water.

The Supzoom Shark All Round Paddle Board also comes with an adjustable strap to help secure your paddleboard while on the water, as well as a paddle holding device to allow you to swim near your board without worrying about losing your paddle.

A convenient carrying strap makes toting your paddleboard to the beach a walk in paradise, and the included waterproof bag makes transporting your paddleboard to and from your vacation spot easier than ever.

Of course, the paddleboard itself comes equipped with removable bungee cords to help store your lifejacket or other items. A slide-in fin can help add stability to your paddleboard, while the ankle leash will make sure you don’t end up swimming after your paddleboard if you do happen to go overboard.

Before you get worried about trying to inflate this paddleboard on breath power alone, the Supzoom Shark also comes with a hand pump and a convenient repair kit, perfect for patching your board in the unforeseen case of a leak or hole.

Supzoom Shark All-Round Paddle Board Features

We’ve already mentioned the bungee storage system, but the inclusion of this feature on the paddleboard is a lifesaver when it comes to bringing gear with you, especially if you’re going camping, or just want somewhere to set your sunglasses while you paddle.

The anti-slip footpad ensures you keep your grip, even when the waves decide to visit you, and the slide-in fin can help provide stability on choppier bodies of water. With the included paddle holding device, you can take a load off and relax on your paddleboard without worry.

On top of a fashion-forward design, this paddleboard prioritizes practicality.

The multifunctional D-ring allows you to attach several clips to your board, and acts as an anchor for the adjustable ankle strap. The carrying strap makes transport a breeze, and the high-pressure valve makes deflating and inflating your paddleboard easier than ever.

To top it all off, the Supzoom Shark can carry a whopping 275 bs. (125 kg.), outdistancing many of the inflatable paddle boards on the market.

With that kind of carrying capacity, you can take your dog, your friend, or even some snacks with you on your paddle boarding journey.
woman and dog on paddleboard

Final Thoughts on the Supzoom Shark 10’ 6” All-Round Paddle Board

While you may have reservations about investing in an inflatable paddleboard, rest assured you’re not dealing with the flimsy inflatable pool toys of your childhood.

This paddleboard is durable, well-designed, and built with the user in mind. Gone are the days of lugging around an oversized, bulky paddleboard.

With the streamlined design and easy inflation features, you’ll never again find yourself dreading your trip to the beach.

This paddleboard offers stability for the beginner, and comfort for the professional, all without compromising on overall quality and appearance.

If you’re looking for one of the best inflatable paddle boards on the market, don’t overlook the Supzoom Shark.