Scenic Byway 12

State: Utah
Length: 124 mi / 200 km
Time to Allow: 3 hours to drive, or spread your trip over several days to see the sights

Some byways stick out as you drive along, which makes them the destination. But some byways mold so seamlessly into the landscape, that you almost don’t notice there’s a road there. These kinds of byways are unique, and finding one is an achievement that should be treasured. Scenic byway 12 in Utah is one of the latter. Don’t let the innocuous name for you, this byway is far from generic. This byway has been nicknamed “A Journey Through Time Scenic Byway,” and has earned the special distinction of “All-American Road,” and for good reason. This 122.863 miles (197.729 kilometers) stretch of road takes you through Utah’s unique scenery, allowing you to appreciate the mountain ranges, flora, and fauna that make their home in this incredible state. Visitors can follow Scenic Byway 12 to Dixie National Forest, a protected natural resource that covers almost 2 million acres, and offers hiking, biking, and camping locations, as well as plenty of recreation destinations for those looking to off-road or climb the nearby geological features.

One of the most amazing things about this byway is it is made for all kinds of travelers, from those looking to traverse the country in an RV, a convertible, or their motorcycle, this road offers incredible views and a smooth journey to help you enjoy getting to your destination. Like many of the byways found throughout the United States, you can get so much more out of your visit if you stretch it over a couple of days. Not only can you experience several state parks, including the Escalante Petrified Forest and Anasazi State Park Museum, but you also are within driving distance of National Parks including Bryce Canyon, and can fin an almost unlimited number of side attractions and recreation areas to explore along this incredible road.

Those looking to take breathtaking photos, as well as bring back incredible memories, will find themselves awestruck by the contrast of the red sandstone of various outcroppings with the almost endless stretch of Utah sky. The limitless expanse of the sky can be best experienced at night, as a clear light and limited light pollution from nearby cities allow travelers to see the glory of the stars as they’ve never seen it before. Those looking to take it slow and enjoy the sights will find plenty of rest stops along the way, as well as local hiking and biking trails that are well worth exploring. Even the speedy traveler will find themselves slowing down to take in the unique rock formations and expansive scrubland areas that line this byway. Whether you find yourself traveling the full way along Scenic Byway 12, or are simply making a pit stop on your way to another destination, you are sure to treasure your time spent on this All-American Road, and may even find yourself dreaming of your next visit long before you make your way home.

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