Nebo Loop Scenic Byway

State: Utah
Length: 37 mi / 59.5 km
Time to Allow: 1 hour to drive, or a whole day to see the sights

While this loop is not open during the winter months, it is well worth planning your trip around visiting this incredible scenic byway. Nebo Loop Scenic Byway takes you through Uinta National Forest and winds up over 9,000 feet (2,743 meters) in elevation along the Utah valley. Visitors can get breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountains, and experience this stunning mountain range up close and personal. This trail is ideal for the wilderness explorer who is looking to take advantage of recreation areas along the way, as there are plenty of camping and hiking trails along this stunning trek.

This byway is a photographer’s dream, especially during the fall months when the foliage changes color. Nature aficionados should visit Uinta National Forest, where there are plenty of walking trails that allow visitors to experience the wonders of Utah’s flora and fauna up close and personal. Geology fans will be flabbergasted by the incredible rock formations that make up this state, and camping fans will be pleased to know there are countless camping locations for all comfort levels, from more modern camping to remote wilderness locations. Those not interested in staying overnight can take advantage of horseback riding trails, as well as picnic areas and observations decks along with areas like Devil’s Kitchen Geologic Interest Site, which is located a bit farther down this byway.

Those looking for an amazing fishing area should pay a visit to the Payson Lakes Recreation Area, located along this byway. Not only are there plenty of fishing opportunities for the discerning fisherman, but there are also paved hiking trails perfect for those looking to casually experience the surrounding views, as well as camping and picnicking areas that are sure to please. Of course, no trip along this byway would be complete without checking out Mount Nebo, an 11,928-foot (3,635.6-meter) mountain located along this byway. Not only are there hiking opportunities along with Mount Nebo, but the views alone from this elevation are well worth the drive, and can be experienced largely without leaving your vehicle.

One of the highlights of this byway is its proximity to several hiking locations throughout the Wasatch Mountains. Those looking to explore everything this area has to offer should plan for at least a week worth of hiking and camping, although there are plenty of areas that can be experienced during a day trip. Make sure to bring your camera, as this area is known as a photographer’s paradise, and will leave you with plenty of memories worth taking home and sharing with friends and family. No matter what brings you to Nebo Loop Scenic Byway, whether it be the hiking and camping opportunities, a desire to learn more about the unique geology that makes up Utah, or a love of beautiful views, you’re sure to find yourself planning your next trip long before you leave the area.

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