How To Keep An Air Mattress Warm When Camping?

girl sleeping on an air mattress inside a tent An Air mattress is an intelligent option for camping. Due to its small size and portability, it is a popular choice for those who like to camp or travel light. While camping, an air mattress can alleviate the discomfort of uneven ground.

If you don’t have a thick blanket, an air mattress isn’t going to keep you warm at night. If you’re planning on sleeping on an air mattress this winter, brace yourself for the cold. Is there a method to keep your mattress heated during the night? Many ways exist for keeping air mattresses warm while camping.

When it comes to warming camping air mattresses, the simplest solution is to put something under them. Additionally, while camping, it keeps you warm and shields you from the rough terrain.

Many people choose to place something under the mattress to protect an air mattress from dirt, sand, and other sorts of debris. You can prevent your mattress from becoming clogged with debris by adding a cushioning layer. So, let us get started with keeping air mattresses warm when camping.

Does Sleeping on an Air Mattress make you Colder?

How do these mattresses get their name? Well, they get it because they are filled with air. The air begins to heat up because of the interaction between your body and the mattress’s air.

When you’re sleeping on an air mattress, the temperature rises because of the heat exchange between the mattress and your body, but the movement of the mattress’s air causes it to cool down, making you feel like you’re sleeping on a frozen mattress.

And while air mattresses aren’t meant to be used in cold weather, they are easy to transport, set up, and pack like a cot, making them ideal for camping. In contrast, sleeping pads are insulated air mattresses built for camping and trekking, ideal for this activity.

What To Put Under and Over An Air Mattress While Camping?

There are a variety of materials you can use under your air mattress, depending on the effects you want to achieve. These are just a few ways you may improve the air mattress’s protection, ventilation, and general comfort.

Things to Put Under an Air Mattress

  • Dri-Dek
  • Foam
  • Blankets or Tarps

Things to Put Over an Air Mattress

  • Blankets
  • Mattress Toppers
  • DIY Options (Bubble Wraps, Egg Crates)

How to Insulate an Air Mattress For Camping?

hiker inflating air mattress on a mountain range It’s not difficult at all to insulate an air mattress. Adding a few more items to your air mattress will keep it warm like you keep your body warm throughout the winter months.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can stay warm by wearing multiple layers of insulated clothing. However, a few additional tips might help you better insulate your mattress. Listed here are some examples.

1. Position the Air Mattress Correctly

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but the position of the air mattress plays a vital role in keeping its temperature. It’s possible that if you tie an air mattress to the outside of a tent, it will draw in extra cold air from outside. You should place the air mattress in the middle of your tent to avoid coming into contact with any of the walls or the door.

2. Top the Barriers with Cold-Blocking Foams

If you must insulate your air mattress, use the procedure you used to protect yourself wearing hats and scarves to keep off the cold. These choices are excellent in this regard.

  • Thick Blankets
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Memory Foam Topper
  • Space Blanket
  • Synthetic Fill

This short video walks you through using a space blanket to increase the R-value of your sleeping pad:

3. Cover it with a Thick Layer of Blankets

By now, you should be familiar with the most reliable and time-tested method of insulating. That is to say, by donning multiple pieces of clothing simultaneously.

With an air mattress, it’s all about layering up the blankets and topper. But at the very least, two or three is better than none.

4. Use Warm Water to Heat

It is a simple yet highly effective piece of advice. You won’t have to carry any extra weight in your backpack due to this. In addition, you’ll be able to fire off two rounds simultaneously with this method.

The only thing you need to do is warm up your bed’s surface for 15 to 20 minutes before you go to sleep by filling some bottles with warm water. To avoid damaging your mattress, it is best not to use boiling water. Place them between your sheets or on top of them to get the best results.

Ways to Warm Air Mattress while Camping!

Insulation isn’t the only benefit of layering or stuffing something under an air mattress, but many others are. First and foremost, it raises the air mattress off the ground, creating a barrier between it and potentially damaging dirt, dust, and other substances that may otherwise come into contact with it. The air mattress is also kept in reasonable condition thanks to this feature.

As a result, an air mattress can be extremely uncomfortable to sleep on because it is so flexible and mobile. As a result, it may occasionally slide across the floor or create grating noises when you shift around in your sleep.

If you use a suitable material under your air mattress, you can get rid of this annoying quality. Therefore, we’ve included below the top solutions for an air mattress’s base.

1. Place Blankets or Sheets between your Air Mattress

You can keep your air mattress warm by layering sheets and blankets between you and the mattress. To ensure a warm night’s sleep, use heavier blankets or covers to keep your body away from the cold air mattress. It’s easy to execute and doesn’t require you to buy anything, but it’s only a short-term cure.

2. Make Use of a Mattress Topper

If you’re a regular camper, they can be a lifesaver. Set them on top of your air mattress, and you’ll have a working bed. To keep your air mattress warm, you can use various types of toppers. A mattress topper is a need for any camper, and I’m baffled as to why you have an air mattress if you don’t.

You can use a memory foam topper, but you could also use a thermal topper. The metallic insulation is designed to reflect your body heat and keep you toasty without using any additional energy from the environment.

3. DIY Options

When you just need a little extra warmth or comfort while camping, DIY solutions are a terrific option. There are a lot of people out there that are looking for the cheapest option available. Finding the right solution can be difficult, but it’s possible to come up with some unexpected solutions.

Egg crate and bubble wrap can also be beneficial for getting a better night’s sleep. Keep looking for ways to improve the comfort of your air mattress.

4. Make use of a Heating Pad

Heating pads meant for camping use that you can fit in a bag give the most heat and keep your air mattress warm, but I’ve never heard of a heated air mattress.
Although battery-powered, this may not be an issue if you have a source of electricity nearby to recharge it. You may not want to rely on it if you’re camping outdoors for days at a time. It may not be the ideal option if your airbed is prone to moisture.

5. Wear Extra Pair of Clothes

To keep you warm at night, wear a few extra layers of clothing to keep you from getting cold. Bringing a few additional outfits for a multi-day camping excursion is also convenient.

Wear gloves and socks that are warm enough to keep your hands and feet warm, as these parts of the body lose the most heat.

6. Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather

There is a wide variety of styles and materials used to manufacture sleeping bags. Some of these tents are made specifically for cold-weather use, such as when winter camping. For example, the bag can withstand temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit!

It is a terrific way to keep you warm and cozy while sleeping on an air mattress. Not to mention that it eliminates the need to bring an extra sleeping bag when you go camping.

7. Sleeping Pad of Foam

An excellent way to stay warm when sleeping on an air mattress is to use a sleeping pad, also known as a foam mattress topper.

You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of both an air mattress and a sleeping pad in one package. A foam topper will also provide you with the maximum possible R-value.


Because sleeping on an air mattress by yourself in the cold can be excruciating, you’ll probably need to combine at least two methods to keep your body warm.
Sleep is critical to our well-being, regardless of whether you’re planning an outdoor camping trip or anything else. You can ruin the quality of your camping trip if you don’t get enough sleep on your air mattress.