Amish Country Byway

State: Ohio
Length: 76 miles / 122.3 km
Time to Allow: Allow 4 to 6 hours to tour this Byway.

Step back in time with a drive through the Amish Country Byway with 76 miles of road displaying the beauty and wonder of Amish life. The byway breaks off into three different portions, including the Eastern, Millersburg, Western, and sections. While you can see the entire drive in around three to five hours but if you want to stop and see the sights, then budget a few days to enjoy the area.

The eastern section of the byway starts in Wilmot and is close to Sugar Creek with a triangular section between before straightening out towards Millersburg. Start out at the Wilderness Center in Wilmot, where kids can interact with animals and nature or walk 12 different trails. Sugar Creek offers more to do, including the world’s largest cuckoo clock, an Amish flea market, and the Age of Steam Roundhouse Museum.

From Wilmot, drive through the tiny town of Winesburg and buy a handmade basket at the Petersheim gift shop. Head down to the Yoder’s Amish House for a guided tour of an Amish farm, including a buggy ride. In Walnut Creek, check out the German Culture Museum and stay at the Carlisle Inn for peace and comfort. Follow the byway west to the Schrock’s Amish Farm and Home or detour off a little to the Guggisberg Cheese store in Millersburg. The entire area looks unique as it’s part of Ohio’s Little Switzerland with authentic architecture and culture.

Millersburg offers a little more than the Yoder and Guggisberg, such as a Victorian House Museum, a farm and bakery, a trail, and some unique shops. The town offers several places to stay, like the Pine Cove Amish Lodging, for an authentic experience. Enjoy a drive through town for gorgeous scenery too.
From Millersburg, drive down to Killbuck for the Valley Museum or detour off for a day at Lake Buckhorn. Take some time to go fishing and enjoy the vast beauty of nature.

The town offers tons of antique stores and a few unique gift shops too. Before leaving Millersburg to visit the Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center for a guided tour of a pioneer barn and a one-room schoolhouse. From here, the road moves both west and north. Going west, visit Stillwell and Brinkhaven, where the byway ends at the Mohawk Reservoir, Mohican River, and head to the Gateway to Amish Country. Up North, the trail follows route 39 toward Nashville, where you can try out a zipline at the Tree Frog Canopy Tour.

End the tour in Loudonville, Ohio, with tons of adventure at the Mohican State Park. Check out the Cleo Redd Fisher Museum for history in the Mohican area. One of the most interesting sites is the Landoll’s Mohican Castle Hotel, with unbelievable architecture and even a ghost walk or hunt for a little paranormal research. The entire byway offers an otherworldly experience of a different life. From rolling farms and hills to dirt roads with horses and buggy to a distinctive culture ready to impress with their serene lifestyle.

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