345/30R19 Tire Size in Inches and Millimeters

345/30R19 tires have a diameter of 27.2" (691 mm), a tread width of 13.6" (345 mm), and a wheel diameter of 19" (482.6 mm).The sidewall of the tire is 4.1" (104 mm), and the tire's circumference is 85.4" (2169.7 mm). This means a 345/30R19 tire will make make 742 revolutions per mile, or 461 revolutions per kilometer.

345/30R19 Tire Front
345/30R19 Tire Side
Tire Circumference
742 Revs/Mile
Diameter27.2"691 mm
Width13.6"345 mm
Wheel19"482.6 mm
Sidewall4.1"104 mm
Circum85.4"2169.7 mm
Revolutions742 per mile461 per km

What Does 345/30R19 Mean?

The tire size 345/30R19 is a common size used on many trucks, SUVs, and other larger vehicles.

Here is what each part of the size designation represents:

  • 345: This number represents the width of the tire in millimeters. In this case, the tire is 345 millimeters wide.
  • 30: This number represents the aspect ratio of the tire, which is the height of the tire's sidewall as a percentage of its width. In this case, the sidewall height is 30% of the tire's width.
  • R: This letter indicates the tire's construction type. “R” stands for radial construction, which is the most common type of tire construction today.
  • 19: This number represents the diameter of the wheel that the tire is designed to fit on, in inches. In this case, the tire is designed to fit on a 19-inch wheel.

345/30R19 tire size meaning

How To Convert 345/30R19 Into Inches

The 345/30R19 conversion is fairly simple. The first number in the tire size, 345, represents the width of the tire in millimeters. To convert this to inches, we divide 345 by 25.4 (since there are 25.4 millimeters in an inch). This gives us approximately 13.6 inches.

The second number in the tire size, 30, represents the aspect ratio or the height of the tire as a percentage of its width. To calculate the height in inches, we multiply 13.6 by 0.30, which gives us approximately 4.1 inches.

Finally, the last number in the tire size, 19, represents the diameter of the wheel rim in inches. Therefore, the tire size 345/30R19 can be expressed in inches as roughly 13.6 inches wide, 4.1 inches tall, and designed to fit a 19-inch wheel rim.

Frequently Asked Questions About 345/30R19 Tires

How tall is a 345/30R19 tire?

A 345/30R19 tire has an approximate height, also known as the overall diameter, of 27.2 inches (691 mm). This height can vary slightly depending on the brand and model of the tire, as well as the amount of air pressure in the tire.

How wide is a 345/30R19 tire?

A 345/30R19 tire has a width of approximately 13.6 inches (345 millimeters). The width of the tire is the first number in the tire size designation, which in this case is “345”. It’s important to note that the actual width of the tire may vary slightly depending on the brand and model of the tire, and the width may also be affected by the amount of air pressure in the tire.

Alternate 345/30R19 Replacement Tire Sizes

Upsizing your wheels or tires? Replacement tires must be within 3% of the diametor of the original tire. The following sizes fall within that range - click on any size to see detailed info about that tire and wheel combination.

135/70R1926.5"673 mm19 mm
135/80R1826.5"673 mm18 mm
135/90R1726.6"676 mm17 mm
145/60R2026.9"682 mm20 mm
145/65R2027.4"696 mm20 mm
145/80R1827.1"689 mm18 mm
145/85R1827.7"703 mm18 mm
145/90R1727.3"694 mm17 mm
155/60R2027.3"694 mm20 mm
155/65R2028"710 mm20 mm
155/70R1826.6"675 mm18 mm
155/70R1927.6"701 mm19 mm
155/80R1726.8"680 mm17 mm
155/80R1827.8"705 mm18 mm
155/90R1627"686 mm16 mm
165/60R2027.8"706 mm20 mm
165/70R1827.1"689 mm18 mm
165/80R1727.4"696 mm17 mm
175/55R2027.6"700 mm20 mm
175/60R1927.3"693 mm19 mm
175/80R1627"686 mm16 mm
185/75R1626.9"684 mm16 mm
185/80R1526.7"677 mm15 mm
195/50R2027.7"704 mm20 mm
195/75R1526.5"673 mm15 mm
195/75R1627.5"698 mm16 mm
195/80R1527.3"693 mm15 mm
205/55R1826.9"683 mm18 mm
205/60R1726.7"678 mm17 mm
205/60R1827.7"703 mm18 mm
205/65R1626.5"672 mm16 mm
205/65R1727.5"698 mm17 mm
205/70R1627.3"694 mm16 mm
205/75R1527.1"689 mm15 mm
215/45R2027.6"702 mm20 mm
215/50R1826.5"673 mm18 mm
215/55R1827.3"693 mm18 mm
215/60R1727.2"690 mm17 mm
215/65R1627"686 mm16 mm
215/70R1526.9"683 mm15 mm
215/70R1627.9"708 mm16 mm
215/75R1426.7"678 mm14 mm
215/75R1527.7"703 mm15 mm
225/30R2227.4"695 mm22 mm
225/40R2027.1"688 mm20 mm
225/45R1927"685 mm19 mm
225/45R2028"710 mm20 mm
225/50R1826.9"683 mm18 mm
225/55R1726.8"680 mm17 mm
225/55R1827.8"705 mm18 mm
225/60R1626.6"676 mm16 mm
225/60R1727.6"702 mm17 mm
225/65R1526.5"673 mm15 mm
225/65R1627.5"698 mm16 mm
225/70R1426.5"672 mm14 mm
225/70R1527.4"697 mm15 mm
225/75R1427.3"694 mm14 mm
235/30R2126.6"675 mm21 mm
235/30R2227.6"701 mm22 mm
235/35R2026.5"672 mm20 mm
235/35R2127.4"697 mm21 mm
235/40R1926.4"671 mm19 mm
235/40R2027.4"696 mm20 mm
235/45R1927.4"695 mm19 mm
235/50R1827.3"693 mm18 mm
235/55R1727.2"690 mm17 mm
235/60R1627.1"688 mm16 mm
235/65R1527"687 mm15 mm
235/70R1427"686 mm14 mm
235/70R1528"711 mm15 mm
245/30R2126.8"681 mm21 mm
245/30R2227.8"707 mm22 mm
245/35R2026.8"680 mm20 mm
245/35R2127.8"705 mm21 mm
245/40R1926.7"679 mm19 mm
245/40R2027.7"704 mm20 mm
245/45R1826.7"677 mm18 mm
245/45R1927.7"703 mm19 mm
245/50R1726.7"678 mm17 mm
245/50R1827.7"703 mm18 mm
245/55R1626.6"676 mm16 mm
245/55R1727.6"702 mm17 mm
245/60R1526.6"675 mm15 mm
245/60R1627.6"700 mm16 mm
245/65R1527.5"699 mm15 mm
245/70R1427.6"700 mm14 mm
255/30R2127"687 mm21 mm
255/35R2027"686 mm20 mm
255/35R2128"711 mm21 mm
255/40R1927"687 mm19 mm
255/45R1827"687 mm18 mm
255/50R1727.1"688 mm17 mm
255/55R1627"686 mm16 mm
255/60R1527"687 mm15 mm
265/25R2227.2"691 mm22 mm
265/30R2127.3"693 mm21 mm
265/35R2027.3"694 mm20 mm
265/40R1927.4"695 mm19 mm
265/45R1827.4"695 mm18 mm
265/50R1626.5"672 mm16 mm
265/60R1426.5"674 mm14 mm
265/60R1527.5"699 mm15 mm
275/25R2126.4"671 mm21 mm
275/25R2227.4"697 mm22 mm
275/30R2026.5"674 mm20 mm
275/30R2127.5"699 mm21 mm
275/35R1926.6"675 mm19 mm
275/35R2027.6"700 mm20 mm
275/40R1826.7"677 mm18 mm
275/40R1927.7"703 mm19 mm
275/45R1827.8"705 mm18 mm
275/50R1626.9"682 mm16 mm
275/50R1727.9"708 mm17 mm
275/55R1526.9"683 mm15 mm
275/55R1627.9"708 mm16 mm
275/60R1427"686 mm14 mm
275/60R1528"711 mm15 mm
285/25R2227.6"701 mm22 mm
285/30R2026.8"680 mm20 mm
285/30R2127.8"705 mm21 mm
285/35R1926.9"683 mm19 mm
285/35R2027.9"708 mm20 mm
285/40R1827"685 mm18 mm
285/40R1928"711 mm19 mm
295/25R2126.8"681 mm21 mm
295/25R2227.8"707 mm22 mm
295/30R2027"686 mm20 mm
295/30R2128"711 mm21 mm
295/35R1927.1"689 mm19 mm
295/40R1827.3"693 mm18 mm
295/45R1727.5"698 mm17 mm
295/50R1526.7"677 mm15 mm
295/50R1627.6"702 mm16 mm
295/55R1527.8"705 mm15 mm
305/25R2127"685 mm21 mm
305/25R2228"711 mm22 mm
305/30R2027.2"692 mm20 mm
305/35R1826.4"671 mm18 mm
305/35R1927.4"697 mm19 mm
305/40R1827.6"701 mm18 mm
305/45R1727.8"706 mm17 mm
305/50R1527"687 mm15 mm
315/30R1926.5"673 mm19 mm
315/30R2027.5"698 mm20 mm
315/35R1826.7"677 mm18 mm
315/35R1927.7"703 mm19 mm
315/40R1827.9"709 mm18 mm
315/45R1627.2"690 mm16 mm
325/25R2127.4"695 mm21 mm
325/30R1926.7"679 mm19 mm
325/30R2027.7"704 mm20 mm
325/35R1827"685 mm18 mm
325/50R1527.8"707 mm15 mm
335/25R2026.6"676 mm20 mm
335/30R1927"685 mm19 mm
335/30R2028"710 mm20 mm
345/25R2026.8"680 mm20 mm
345/30R1927.2"691 mm19 mm
345/35R1827.5"699 mm18 mm
345/40R1727.9"708 mm17 mm
355/25R2128"711 mm21 mm
355/30R1927.4"697 mm19 mm
355/40R1627.2"690 mm16 mm
375/20R2126.9"683 mm21 mm