South Carolina Scenic Byways

South Carolina Byways

The Palmetto State

South Carolina is located in the southeastern region of the United States but is more commonly thought of as a Deep South state. Much like North Carolina, South Carolina was named after King Charles I of England, as “Carolus” was the Latin form of “Charles.” South Carolina was the 8th state to ratify the US constitution but was also the first state to vote in favor of leaving the union before the American Civil War.

Humans have been making their home in South Carolina as far back as 40,000 years ago, with many Native American tribes spending their summers along the coast, and moving further inland to live on the Plains where food was more available during the winter. While the Spanish were the first Europeans to arrive in the area in 1521, both the Spanish and the French settlement set up in this region failed. It wasn’t until 1629 that the Province of Carolina was established, leading to Carolina becoming a future colony. Unfortunately, this early colony had the largest slave trade of the entire North Americas, a feature that would carry on far into the area’s history as a state. Interestingly enough, North Carolina and South Carolina were not split until 1729.

Those looking to explore South Carolina for its natural bounty will find no shortage of incredible views and locations to visit. Not only is the South Carolina coast incredibly beautiful and worth visiting, and a hotbed for tourist activity, but there are many other natural resources throughout the state that are worth visiting. Touring by car or motorcycle will allow you to see many of the breathtaking sites.

Not only is South Carolina home to several lakes, but there are plenty of national historic sites and national parks that are worth visiting in this state, as well as historic walking trails that give you an appreciation for this state’s place in American history.

Those more interested in exploring urban areas will find plenty of large cities that are home to a wide range of cultural monuments that are worth exploring, as well as entertainment venues and museums to help you get a full appreciation for this state’s culture. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the natural views that can be seen along with any number of scenic byways within the state, or looking to explore some of the larger urban areas, there is no shortage of entertainment options available to you when you visit “The Palmetto State.” no matter what brings you to South Carolina, you’re sure to find yourself considering spending a lifetime within this beautiful, temperate state.