Scenic Byways In New Mexico

a scenic road in the state of new mexico

The Land of Enchantment

With warm sun and a gorgeous climate, we promise you’ll never find yourself taking a wrong turn at Albuquerque as Bugs Bunny did.

New Mexico is one of the mountain states, and its capital, Santa Fe was founded in 1610.

New Mexico offers you an interesting slice of climate, with the northern and eastern sections focusing more on a colder Alpine climate, while western and southern New Mexico is warmer and more arid, as one would expect from a desert.

New Mexico focuses on a wide range of economic outputs, from oil drilling and mineral extraction to farming cattle ranching lumber milling, and scientific research.

Of course, don’t let these traditional avenues distract you from some of the more interesting areas of economic development, including military expansion and technological development.

Interestingly enough, while the state has earned the name New Mexico, the name does not come from the country of Mexico.

New Mexico (“Nuevo México” in Spanish) was named after the Aztec Valley of Mexico by Spanish settlers in 1563, over 250 years before the current country of Mexico as we know it today got its name.

While New Mexico has been inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years before European colonization it was originally colonized by the Spanish until it became an autonomous territory in 1821.

However, New Mexico did not become a state until 1912 and entered the union as the 47th state.

Exploring New Mexico By Road

While some people may be put off by the concept of arid climates, there is plenty of natural beauty to explore within this state.

Anyone who doubts the captivating qualities of this state need only look at the artwork of Georgia O’Keeffe, who spent a large amount of time within the state, 2 appreciate the natural beauty of flowers, sandstone, and the wide-open sky.

For those looking to get a more hands-on or hike-on approach, there are plenty of trails that wind their way through geological monuments begging to be explored.

Those with an interest in history can find several National Historic trails, as well as significant places in New Mexico’s history that have been preserved and can be explored by the history forward tourist.

And the beautiful landscapes make for excellent scenic drives by motorcycle, truck, or car.

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Whether you find yourself drawn to New Mexico as a byway on your journey across the country, or looking to stay awhile, there are plenty of historic landmarks, geographical and ecological wonders, and artistic pursuits to take advantage of during your stay in this state.

It’s no surprise that New Mexico has earned the nickname “Land of Enchantment,” as anyone who spends more than a few moments in this state will find themselves enchanted by its rich history and gorgeous landscapes.