Scenic Byways In New Hampshire

a scenic road in the state of new hampshire

The Granite State

It’s unfortunate that the average driver on I-95 only sees about 10 minutes of this gorgeous state.

New Hampshire has the nickname “The Granite State” due to the large number of granite formations and granite quarries in this state. However, it is probably better known for its motto, “Live Free or Die,” which can be seen on every single one of its license plates.

This state earned its nickname by being the first of the American colonies to have an independent government, as well as being the first to have its state constitution.

New Hampshire is a unique state that blends gorgeous mountain ranges with areas of industry. While many people travel to New Hampshire because it has no sales tax, there is more to this state than just some tax-free shopping.

Historically, New Hampshire was home 2 several Native American tribes before being colonized.

While New Hampshire was visited unexplored by Europeans as early as the 1600s, the first settlement was not developed until 1623.

The state itself gets its name from the English County of Hampshire and falls into the category of states named after previously settled areas, with “new” set on the front of it (see also, New York).

New Hampshire was largely known for its manufacturing, making everything from textiles to shoes and more, until industry moved from New England into the southern States and eventually away from the United States.

Today, New Hampshire’s industry focuses largely on tourism, due to hiking, camping, and skiing that make this state a vacation paradise (and a great place to ride your motorcycle).

Exploring New Hampshire By Road

Those looking to visit New Hampshire will find there is plenty for them to explore, whether they are looking to take advantage of the natural beauty available in this state or are looking to learn more about the history of one of the first colonies to oppose British rule.

New Hampshire has countless historic locations that are worth exploring, and anyone interested in the history of early colonial life will find plenty of buildings, museums, and walking trails long its scenic byways that help you appreciate this formative portion of U.S. history.

For those looking for a more active way to explore this gorgeous state, New Hampshire is home to part of the Appalachian Trail, meaning there are plenty of hiking opportunities for you to take advantage of.

And for those who are looking to take advantage of that tax-free shopping, there are plenty of urban areas within New Hampshire for you to explore to your heart’s content while appreciating that New England charm.

No matter what brings you to this gorgeous state, you’re sure to find yourself planning your next visit before you’ve even left the state.