Scenic Byways In Maine

a scenic road in the state of maine

The Pine Tree State

The state of Maine is in the top ten of at least populous states and has earned the nicknames “The Pine Tree State” and “Vacationland” due to the abundance of natural areas within the state.

Maine’s major industry is tourism, with attractions ranging from the quaint towns of the coast to the largely untouched wilderness of the northern areas.

Maine’s mountainous and hilly areas are thanks to the glacier drift present during the Ice Age, which helped carve out this landscape and left behind mountains ranging from Mount Katahdin in the North, to the eye-catching mountains of Acadia National Park.

Maine was originally home to several groups of indigenous peoples before the 1st European colonizers arrived in 1604. Maine was largely colonized by the French, as many English settlements failed due to the rugged climate and cold weather of this beautiful, but at times harsh state. Maine was originally part of Massachusetts before becoming a separate state in 1820.

Exploring Maine By Road

One of the largest draws to those exploring Maine is the scenery, as even the primary highway is lined with gorgeous pine trees and largely untouched forests. While logging is a large industry in the state, logging companies practice sustainability, and one of the main focuses of this state is preserving the natural landscape while trying to foster industry at the same time.

You can hop in your car and drive scenic byways from one end of Maine to the other, and see beautiful forests, clean rivers and lakes, and wildlife of all kinds.

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While some of the scenic highways in the state of Maine do take a bit of driving to visit, the views are well worth the wait, as clean air and gorgeous forests allow for not only incredible views but also incredible pictures.

Though Maine only has one National Park within its borders, Acadia National Park, there are plenty of other state parks that are worth a visit, and historic museums allow you to get a glimpse of early man, from the lighthouse keepers and lobsterman who make up the coast to the origin of the logging industry in northern Maine.

Whether you find yourself driving up North to visit the Golden Road, or are meandering your way through Kittery’s shops and coastline views, this state has countless destinations better sure to capture your imagination and leave you thinking that spending time in Maine is “the way life should be.”